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All around badass in the kitchen

Chef Megan Hoover knew her calling from a very early age.  She has many fond memories of standing on a kitchen chair- too small to see over the counter to help with the family's meals.  From her grandmother’s desserts and her dad’s famous BBQ to her mother’s fantastic Sunday breakfasts.  After graduating from Eastwood High School in 1996, Chef Megan moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to pursue her love of cooking.  She attended Scottsdale Culinary Institute, completing her training in 1998 and moving to the culinary metropolis of Las Vegas.  It was there that she was lucky enough to work for Michael Mina at Aqua in the Bellagio, then onto The Venetian where she worked at Star Canyon for fellow Texas Chef Stephen Pyles.
Megan moved back to Texas in 2001 and was invited by Chef Alena Pyles to open Ling & Javier at the Derek Hotel in Houston.  In 2002 Megan came back to El Paso to be the Chef of Kern Place Market.  This experience had inspired her to take her skills and vast experience to the next level.  When Megan had the desire to have her own kitchen, she helped friend Teeni Provencio open The Table, a popular El Paso eatery that held the beginnings of what was to become Megalicious Meals, which brings the fine dining restaurant experience into the comforts of the clients home.

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